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What is Bumrise?

Bumrise is an on line browser based game. The goal of the game is to increase the financial situation and improve upon the skills of your bum in order to become the owner of prime New York real estate. In addition to receiving virtual donations, you can earn money by learning a musical instrument on which you can increase your ability through concentration, for example. So the player continues to develop the avatar until they become a castle owner.

Bumrise is the successful, classic game concept set it a new contemporary context. Therefore it stands out from other games that are set in the middle ages or deal with the concept of space.

Bumrise does not make the claim that we offer a true reflection of reality. However because the theme is sometimes funny, and not always politically correct, it has succeeded in making young people aware of the issue of homelessness and the current debate about the increasing income gap in the US.

Who controls Bumrise?

Bumrise is created and controlled by Farbflut Entertainment GmbH. The two 21 year old managing directors Marius Follert and Niels Wildung created the game in early 2007. The original version of bumrise ( has been on line since June 2008 Since founding Farbflut Entertainment GmbH, the goal has been to help increase the revenue of Homeless organizations in Hamburg Germany

Bumrise and Parental Controls

In contrast to other on line games, Bumrise takes an actual social them as the foundation of the game, combining it with satirical content and humor. In order to appreciate the game and its content in relation to the reality of life, it is necessary to understand that there are satirical elements, like double meanings, exaggerations, irony, and contrast of ideas. This applies to all things in the game with a stereotype such as the roll of alcohol in the game. For the reason of satirical and sometimes politically incorrect aspects of the game, the minimum age to play the game is 14 years old. Farbflut Entertainment GmbH has taken different measures to protect players the best way possible. As soon as content breaks any sort of game rules, and is reported by one of our users, we will remove the content as soon as possible. Our users also have the possibility to block messages from certain players through the privacy settings. Bumrise places particular focus on education of users. This includes inspection on questionable content Bumrise is protected by the age verification system ICR, which allows parents the option to choose which websites their children may and may not visit.