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The Rules

1. Player account

1.1 Every player may have one account. Multi accounts will be immediately deleted
1.2 The use of abusive / sexist / racist words in the player names are prohibited
1.3 The sale and purchase of an account is prohibited
1.4 Accounts can be suspended for an indefinite period of time without reason
1.5 It is not allowed to gain illegal access to other accounts
1.6 The bumrise Team will never ask you for your password

2. Content

2.1 It is forbidden to use bugs or programs that give advantage or disadvantage to you or other players. They are immediately reported in the forum or to administrators.
2.2 Offensive content is forbidden. This includes severe insults, threats, political, religious, extremist, pornographic, violent and discriminating content, glorifying drug use and the infringing content
2.3 Posting links to phishing sites or sites that have viruses or Trojans is prohibited
2.4 Offenses are sent to the in-game support. The player receives a warning, and after 3 warnings the account is locked.
2.5 English is the only language permitted in the Bumrise (English) version of pennergame.

3. Using assistance tools

3.1 The use of scripts and programs that automatically perform actions (such as collecting bottles and selling them) or modify the game's interface and influence the game events are prohibited
3.2 The game can only be played on a common web browser
3.3 All script that are heavy to the server are forbidden. Legal scripts are stored in the forum

4. Net etiquette

4.1 There is a friendly tone to the game
4.2 Insults and threats of all kinds, personal attacks and political statements are all forbidden in the game.

5. Server Failure

5.1 We assume no liability for server failure, programming errors, advertising errors, etc.
5.2 Should disadvantages to a player arise out of a server failure, the player has no claim to recover any lost game data

6. Rule changes

6.1 The bumrise team has the right to change the rules of the game without prior notice.